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Leading the industry in Microblading

Although Microblading has only been popular in the Southlake area for a few years, DFW Microblading is leading the industry and setting standards for the Microblading field in the US . Microblading is the procedure where pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin in fine hair like strokes creating a natural, fuller, more defined look that is desired.

Microblading is the most beautiful & advanced process for natural and beautiful eyebrows

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Meet our Artists

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Angela Teixeira
Master Microblading Artist
Registered Microblading Insructor

Angie T – Angie is passionate about her craft.  She takes her time with each client to ensure they are comfortable with her outlines, then is meticulous with each line to ensure they are beautiful and what the client is desiring.  She is loved by her clients because of her warm inviting personality.

microblading southlake, microblading in southlake

Rebecca Shelton
DFW Microblading founder
Head Microblading Instructor | Texas Laser Institute/DFW Microblading Training
Master Microblading Specialist
Licensed Microblading Instructor
Microblading Artist

Rebecca – Rebecca is the owner and Lead Instructor for DFW Microblading Training, and Texas Laser Institute.  She created the leading curriculum for the Microblading Industry and her passion is training correct method for best results.

The Way We Do Microblading:

Although Microblading can be a little uncomfortable at times, we have many ways to keep the comfort level high.  There is a beautiful balance between great looking results and numbing at a very comfortable level.  In order to create long lasting crisp looking lines, we lightly break the skin, then add a gel that numbs to a “pain point” of 2-3 on a scale of 1-10. This process cuts the procedure time in half and still keeps the skin very responsive to holding the pigment.

  • Microblading is very different from traditional tattooing.  Microblading uses pigment that fades away within 1-3 years, but as it fades, it is a lighter and more natural color.
  • Half of the results with Microblading Southlake are the artists work, the other half are the clients aftercare regimen.  So we include an aftercare soap and ointment in the kit given to each client to ensure correct aftercare.
  • It is required that you stay out of water, sun and applying any product on the brows for 14 days after procedure.

I went to get my eyebrows done by DFW Microblading, but was really nervous about the process. When I went for the procedure, Becky was so professional and very patient with me. She explained everything to me and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. It changed my life. It has given me back my self- esteem and the confidence I needed.

Amanda Langley-Dale

Thank you Becky for taking 10 years off my face!! I love my eyes now. Just shows you are never too old for improvement. And we had so much fun. Thanks for being so patient. See you in a month and I have some new customers for you!!!

Linda Ann Cranford

Becky is amazing! I was unsure of the process but she reassured me and made the experience flawless! She's professional and I couldn't have imagined a better experience!

Vanessa Huebner

DFW Microblading Southlake specializes in creating a perfect brow so  that your time every day is spent on more important tasks.  At DFW Microblading, we use the highest quality pigments and needles to ensure that your experience is comfortable and long lasting.

From the beginning, we have been dedicated to raising the bar on long lasting results, and raising the bar within the Microblading industry. We offer a unique team of certified and licensed artists who are highly trained that have completed the DFW Microblading Course, and have exceeded the expectations of the high standards that DFW Microblading sets for all of our artists.

Our reputation for excellence in the beauty industry is built on our customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work by regularly staying up to date on the newest and safest techniques and tools for Microblading . We thrive to provide the best possible, natural and long lasting results with each client!  And our reviews back this up.

Microblading Questions and Answers:

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about eyebrow semi-permanent makeup. Please scroll down the page, if you have a question that is not listed, contact us and we’ll be glad to answer it for you.

Who is it for?

There is a list of questions we need answered before moving forward.  Are you on any meds that are blood thinning? Are you allergic to red dye, iodine, or iron oxides?  Are you pregnant or breast feeding? Are you on Acutane, do chemical peels, or on a Botox regimen?  Are you iron deficient? Are you prone to cold sores?  Are you insulin dependent? Do you Keyloid scar? These are very important to the results of your Microblading.  Please call us and lets discuss options for your best results.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure using a hand tool with one time use disposable micro blades.  We also use two of the highest quality pigments on the market to ensure long lasting results.  We are constantly innovating our services to include the latest techniques. products,  and trends. With microblading – our experts can enhance the look of your eyebrows with minimal stress and maintenance. We can produce a natural looking brow using tiny hair-like strokes that resemble real hair. A blended pigmentation and soft shadows below the natural hair provide realistic colors to match skin and hair tones and give the illusion of fullness. The results are very flawless and natural looking brows.

Are Touch-ups Needed?

Similar to other beauty procedures, microblading requires a touch up visits for true lasting results. The touch up period is usually within 4-6 weeks depending on the skin type of the client and healing time needed per client.  It takes about half the time of an initial procedure and allows for “perfection” in ensuring that shape is accurate, color is accurate, and details are perfect.

Why is a blade used?

We use a very fine superficial thin blade to pattern the pigment just beneath the skin surface. It is a more comfortable and simple way that is different than using a machine commonly used for brow tattooing. It is also less evasive than tattooing and allows shorter healing time with less pain.

What can I expect in the healing time?

As individual as each of us are is as different as we will heal.  Everyone heals at a different pace. The healing time usually takes from 4-6 weeks depending on your age, aftercare and routine. You may possibly feel a bit itchy, and redness and mild swelling may occur after the procedure, but within about 30 minutes this should all subside. You can immediately return to your daily routine or work. You will be given some after care instructions from our experts that you must follow to ensure the best results.

Will it Hurt?

This is a common question with our clients and our answer is always that we will take any measure we have available to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure.  We have a prescription numbing cream we can use prior to opening the skin, but with an understanding of how skin works we prefer to lightly open the skin prior to adding a numbing agent, then adding a numbing gel that enables us to complete the procedure with much less discomfort, limited damage to skin, and great pigment retention.  There are a few scenarios that will make us consider a pre numbing option….they are if you are on or near your menstrual cycle or if you are a natural red head.  Sensitivity to pain is most enhanced under these conditions.

Are the pigments safe?

Although there are hundreds of pigments on the market, some being organic and some non organic, the pigments we choose are the highest quality with the least amount of adverse reactions.   If there are no allergies to iron oxides, red dye, or iodine then we are safe to say our pigments are safe for you.  If you have an iron deficiency the issue becomes your body wanting to absorb the pigment in order to fulfill the need for iron.  Across the line the tope two pigments are LI and Phi and we use both depending on the skin of the client.

How long does the eyebrow microblading procedure last?

Eyebrow microbladsing is a semi-permanent procedure and will eventually fade. Moreover, each skin type will hold pigments differently so the final results cannot be guaranteed. At DFW Mircoblading, our experts will work hard to provide you the results that you have dreamed of.  After measuring the face and mapping out the correct placement of the eyebrows we will agree of the shape you like. We will also provide you a touch up visit to ensure long lasting results and satisfaction with the service. The procedure usually lasts about 2 hours and the results lasts anywhere from 1-3 years depending on your skin type.  Oily skin usually lasts closer to 1 year where dry or normal skin lasts 2-3 years.

Why do I need a touch up in 4-6 weeks?

No matter how your chosen color looks, your brows will lose up to 50% of the boldness of the color during the healing process. Due to this, we offer a free touch-up visit after the healing process to make the necessary adjustments.  This allows you to see the healed color your skin creates, and allows us to make adjustments such as color, shape, and perfection so that you are happy with the results for years to come.

Can I choose my technician?

We encourage you to look at each of artists work, as we all have our own technique, but remember we have all been trained the same so if for some unseen reason that your favored artist is unavailable don’t be alarmed, there are 3 other artists who have the same ability and training.

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