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For effortlessly natural looking brows!
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We specialize in microblading

There are many ways to achieve great brows and depending on your skin type we can guide you to which option suits you best!

Microblading is a very natural approach to great brows. It is a technique that creates hairlike strokes that mimic your natural hair growth pattern.  It looks real and very natural. Microblading is not suitable for someone with very oily skin so there is another option…

Powder brows are a soft powder look for a full filled in appearance.  This technique is suitable for all skin types.

Microblading is the most natural and advanced technique for beautiful brows.

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Dfw microblading

Founder of DFW Microblading 
Master Microblading Specialist
Licensed Microblading Instructor
Licensed Lash Artist

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Shelton is one of the pioneers of Microblading in the United States & founder of DFW Microblading. Rebecca is also a certified trainer and lead microblading instructor.

“Microblading is a beautiful art that requires much time, passion and dedication to master. And the team of experts at DFW Microblading share this understanding & passion with me”
– Rebecca Shelton


Microblading is typically performed with a topical anesthetic applied prior to the first pass. Some artists may use numbing AFTER strokes have been made so that the numbing gel penetrates deeper and works more efficiently in the long run. When using a hand held micro blade, the pigment is deposited closer to the surface than when a machine is used, leaving very fine and crisp hair strokes with no migrating or bleeding of pigment under the skin.

  • Microblading differs from conventional permanent tattooing by the very fact that it is a manual procedure.
  • Microblading tends to last between 12-36 months depending on skin type, lifestyle and products used on face. After this period of time they may need a touch up.
  • If you spend a lot of time in the sun or in tanning beds it is recommended that you use a sunscreen to keep your color longer as sun will fade the pigment.
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I went to get my eyebrows done by DFW Microblading, but was really nervous about the process. When I went for the procedure, Becky was so professional and very patient with me. She explained everything to me and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. It changed my life. It has given me back my self- esteem and the confidence I needed.

Amanda Langley-Dale

Thank you Becky for taking 10 years off my face!! I love my eyes now. Just shows you are never too old for improvement. And we had so much fun. Thanks for being so patient. See you in a month and I have some new customers for you!!!

Linda Ann Cranford

Becky is amazing! I was unsure of the process but she reassured me and made the experience flawless! She's professional and I couldn't have imagined a better experience!

Vanessa Huebner

DFW Microblading specializes in Eyebrow Microblading services using the best possible products and high-end equipment in the industry.

DFW Microblading is regarded as one of the most recommended microblading  salons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to raising the bar on long lasting beauty, perfection and professionalism in the Eyebrow Microblading industry. We offer a unique team of certified and licensed individuals who are highly trained and have performed countless professional Eyebrow Microblading services throughout their career, so you can rest assured that it’s not our first time doing it, and it surely won’t be the last.

Our reputation for excellence in the beauty industry is built on our customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work by regularly staying updated on newest and safest methods for Microblading. We thrive to provide the best possible, natural and long lasting result with every visit!

Microblading Questions and Answers:

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about eyebrow semi-permanent makeup. Please scroll down the page, if you have a question that is not listed, contact us and we’ll be glad to answer it for you.

Who is it for?

Microblading is a great solution if you have faint or naturally fine brows. Or no brows at all. Microblading solves your problem with minimal stress and maintenance – Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery or 3D Brows, is a way to create natural looking, bolder eyebrows. The method is ideal for anyone who is not happy with their eyebrows and wants to enhance the look of their brows. See “Who it is NOT For” tab for those that are not recommended to get microblading.

Who is it NOT for?

Traditional microblading is not suggested for those with oily skin as the lines tend to heal incorrectly and blurry (powder and pixel brows is the best option for oily skin). Cannot be done if pregnant or nursing. If you are on blood thinning medications, you must have approval from doctor to stop medications 2 days prior to each appointment. Cannot be done if you’ve had botox within 2 weeks of appointment. If you keloid when you scar, microblading is not for you. If you have a tendency to get fever blisters or cold sores, it is recommended that you take precautions before appointment. Microblading cannot be done when active cold sore is present. Wait 1 full year to do microblading after any chemotherapy or use of acne medication/accutane.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is an eyebrow procedure using a hand tool with disposable micro blades. We are passionate about creating eyebrows perfectly tailored to our client’s preference. In order to achieve the stunning and long lasting results, we are constantly innovating our services to include the latest techniques and trends. With microblading – our experts can enhance the look of your eyebrows with minimal stress and maintenance. We can produce a natural looking brow using tiny hair-like lines that resemble real hair. A blended pigmentation and soft shadows below the natural hair provide realistic colors to match skin and hair tones and give the illusion of fullness. The results are very flawless and natural looking brows.

Are Touch-ups Needed?

Similar to other beauty procedures, microblading also requires touch up visits for long lasting results. The touch up period is usually within 5-8 weeks of initial appointment. After the initial appointment and touch up, a following touch up is usually not needed until 12-36 months after.

What can I expect in the healing time?

Everyone heals differently. The healing time usually takes from 30 to 45 days depending on your age, aftercare and routine. You may feel itchy, redness and mild swelling after the procedure. You can return to your daily routine after 10 days and return to work immediately. You will be given some after care instructions from our experts that you must follow to ensure the best results.

Will it Hurt?

We are here to offer you the safest services that produce results with minimal pain and discomfort. We realize that everyone’s ability for bearing the pain is different, so we can apply a pre-numbing solution to make you feel easy and relaxed. We will walk with you through the every step and will do everything within our reach to make your experience a good one.

By using a manual hand tool our eyebrow experts will place a pattern of fine lines that mimic one’s own eyebrow hair while implanting pigments simultaneously. The results of this procedure will give you a fuller, thicker and natural looking brow by utilizing a technique which replicates exact brow-like hairs. We know that the idea of eyebrow microblading may cause stress, nervousness or anxiety among people, but you, as our valued customer, will receive the highest attention to customer service insuring your experience is a good one. Our top priority is to make the process as painless as possible.

Is Microblading Safe?

We take all precautions necessary and use disposable or sterilized tools and equipment to ensure proper cleanliness and safety measures. Your microblading artist will consult with you before hand and make sure there are no contraindications as to if you are a good candidate for microblading or permanent makeup.

How long does the eyebrow microblading procedure last?

Eyebrow microblading will eventually fade. Moreover, each skin type will hold pigments differently so the final results cannot be guaranteed. At DFW Microblading, our experts will work hard to provide you the results that you have dreamed about. After evaluating your skin and eyebrows, we will recommend the best shape and pigment color for your face. We will also provide you a touch up visit to ensure long lasting results and satisfaction with the service. Most appointments can be done in about 2 hours or less.

Why do I need a touch up in 5-8 weeks?

No matter how your chosen color looks, your brows will lighten up to 30% of the boldness of color during the healing process. Due to this, we offer a free touch-up visit after the healing process to make the necessary adjustments within a 5-8 week time frame. We do not charge for the initial touch up because we want to make sure that the color and shape heals how you desire.

Can I choose my technician?

Of course, you can choose your technician at the time of making an appointment. We may change your specialist due to any emergency or uncertain reason, but that will fall on a very rare case and you will be notified before-hand.

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FREE $50 VOUCHER For All First Time Microblading Clients

Join our mailing list to receive a $50 voucher for your first microblading appointment with us & to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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