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Murrieta/Temecula Location

40555 California Oaks Rd
Suite 133
California, CA 92562

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    DFW Microblading is an elite salon specializing in Eyebrow Microblading.

    Microblading is new to the Temecula & Murrieta area, but it originated in Europe and has been a technique used for many years. Microblading is implanting pigment by using a hand tool with 16 disposable microblades in a swift motion creating beautiful, natural hair-like strokes. The hand tool used deposits pigment into the superficial dermis of the skin making this procedure semi-permanent.

    Microblading eyebrows is the most advanced technique for creating lasting, beautiful, realistic eyebrows.

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    Head Microblading Artist
    Temecula/Murrieta Location

    Meet Amanda

    Amanda is the operator and Microblading artist at the Temecula/Murrieta location. After attending one of DFW Microblading’s famous courses to receive her Microblading certification and mentoring with DFW Microblading for two months under Rebecca Shelton, they teamed up to open a location in Southern California.

    “Having the opportunity to have a mentor like Rebecca has allowed me the chance to advance my Microblading skills more than I ever dreamed. I feel honored and am so thankful to be apart of the DFW Microblading team! I love making women feel beautiful everyday.”
    – Amanda Merrill

    The Art of Microblading

    The procedure: like other similar semi-permanent makeup procedures, requires a topical anaesthetic. This anaesthetic can be reapplied throughout the procedure to make it as comfortable as possible. When microblading, a hand held tool with 16 tiny microblades is used. There are many different types of microblading needles to choose from, it all depends on the skin and type of brow result you are looking for. Once the microblading artist in Murrieta chooses which needle to use, they dip it in pigment and deposit it into the surface of the skin leaving behind beautiful, crisp hairlike strokes.

    • Microblading is a manual procedure unlike other similar semi-permanent procedures.
    • Microblading can last anywhere from 12-24 months and after this time may require a touch up.
    • When in the sun for extended periods of time, apply sunscreen to help maintain the color.
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    I went into this with very little brow and nervous! I should have never been nervous because Rebecca is amazing! She walked me through the process and it was so easy. My brows are amazing! No more pencils! For anyone that's on the fence, don't be!!

    LeaAnn Fitzgerald Moore

    After going through Chemotherapy, my brows never grew back the same, I had bald spots and one eyebrow was longer than the other, also being a natural red head I have a ton of blonde hairs. Angela is AMAZING!!! She made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure and we had a great conversation. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my new brows. I will definitely pass their name on...

    Lindsey Johnston

    Becky was so frikn' amazing! Thanks to her I will never have to worry about having to color in my eyebrows ever again! Now I'll be able to go swimming with eyebrows, and not have to worry about accidentally smearing my brows when it's hot outside! I would highly recommend getting your microblading done here!

    Ashley Eiman

    DFW Microblading in Murrieta California uses industry leading products and top-of-the-line equipment. We are continually striving to be the best Microblading company by continuing our education with courses and workshops quarterly.

    DFW Microblading began in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas and is regarded as one of the top recommended microblading salons in the area. We are expanding by bringing our experts to Murrieta California. We are dedicated to raising the bar on semi-permanent makeup in the beauty industry. We want our clients to leave feeling beautiful.

    We have been trained, certified, and mentored for a minimum of two months so that we can provide top of the line service with outstanding care. DFW Microblading’s reputation in the beauty industry is founded on the satisfaction of our customers. We take pride in our work and strive for beautiful, natural brow results with every visit. Our secret is in the aftercare procedures. Unlike any other Microblading salon in Murrieta California, we offer a secret formula that allows your brows to heal up to four times faster than before, while at the same time retaining the color!

    Microblading Q and A:

    Below are a few commonly asked questions about Microblading in Murrieta. If your questions were not answered, please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to help.

    Who is it For?

    Microblading is for everyone! This form of semi-permanent makeup is great for men and women with little to no eyebrows. If you are looking to darken your brow, microblading is a great solution. If you want a different shape, maybe more of an arch, or a square head to your brow, this procedure will give you the results you are looking for.

    What is Microblading?

    Microblading is a semi-permanent manual procedure to give you fuller natural eyebrows.  We are passionate about giving each client a custom brow tailored to the shape of their face. We color match our pigment to your eyebrow hair, keeping your skin tone in mind. The results of microblading are flawless and natural looking eyebrows.

    Are Touch-ups Needed?

    Microblading is a two step process. You will not get your desired results without a touch up to perfect each crisp stroke. The touch up occurs 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. Your brows will go through a healing process after the initial procedure. They need to completely heal before we can fine tune any imperfections.

    Why is a Blade Used?

    Because this procedure is completely manual, we use a hand tool that has the tiny microblades secured on the end. With the hand tool, we are able to gauge the depth of our tool, which is not as deep into the layers as a tattoo machine is. We only go right below the skin’s surface. By doing this, we do not leave deep cuts that can cause scar tissue and keep you from being able to do any other procedures in that area in the future. Another plus to being less evasive is that the healing process is half the time and with less pain.

    What Can I Expect in the Healing Time?

    Every person’s healing process is slightly different. Some people heal very quickly, while others may take more time. The average amount of days for the initial surface healing is 7-10 days. The skin will then start healing beneath the skin. This may take up to 6 weeks. The brows may become itchy and flaking is normal. At times, the pigment may appear to have completely gone. This is also normal during the healing process. The main thing to remember through this is to do your best to not irritate or touch the brows. Let it heal naturally.

    Will Microblading Hurt?

    We are here to offer you the best results, with the least amount of discomfort. We understand that everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so during the consultation we discuss this and decide on the best numbing solution for your tolerance level.

    By using our hand tool, we create thin and crisp hairlike strokes. The result is a thicker, fuller, natural brow that lasts up to 24 months. Our desire is to make this procedure as pain-free as possible. You are our priority and we will remain attentive to your needs and concerns.

    Is Microblading a Safe Procedure?

    We use one of the best pigment lines in America. This pigment is safe for the skin and retains very well. We custom color match our pigments to give you a color tailored to your hair and skin tone.
    Our process is sterile and our needles are disposable. Our standards are high when it comes to cleanliness and professionalism. We provide our clients with nothing but the absolute best in the beauty industry.

    How Long Does the Microblading Procedure Last?

    We like to schedule our appointments to last two hours. Though it doesn’t typically take the full two hours, we want to make sure there is plenty of time to discuss and communicate exactly what you are looking for.

    Why Do I Need a Touch Up in 4-6 Weeks?

    Microblading is a two step process. The first procedure is to create the lines and implant pigment. This pigment will fade up to 40%. The touch up is necessary because your body will try to naturally heal itself and may push some of the remaining pigment out. We will touch those areas up to ensure that any loss of color or lines get filled in.

    Can I Choose My Technician?

    You are always welcome to choose your own microblading artist. All of our artists are trained the fundamentals and necessary processes, but do each have their own unique style as any art driven craft would have. You can go to our facebook page, DFW Microblading, to see the work of each of our artists.

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