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How to Choose a Microblading Artist

Microblading is often referred to as an eyebrow tattoo in Dallas. Although there are some similarities, they are not the same thing. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure using pigment as opposed to ink. The colors stay natural and gradually fades over the course of a year to two years.

Having the guts to have a semi-permanent procedure performed on yourself is half of the battle. I’m sure it started out as a spark of curiosity. What is microblading? How is it done? Then you began researching. And for most people at this point, they get a little overwhelmed. There’s alot of information out there and if you don’t know what your looking for, you can get stuck. As a professional microblading artist, I have taken several microblading training courses to broaden my knowledge on the subject. In doing so, I have seen good and bad techniques and now know what to look for when hiring new artists. I wanted to share some of this knowledge with you to help you when CHOOSING an artist to do your brows.

1.Where Did They Receive Microblading Training?

There is only a handful of reputable training courses that can be taken in the DFW area for microblading. Some name their course as learning eyebrow tattoo in dallas. For most courses, it spans over a three day period and in those three days, the trainees learn color theory, technique, brow symmetry, as well as several other things. They also have the chance to work on atleast 2 volunteers during the training while the instructor is able to watch over them and critique as they go.

Here at DFW Microblading, all of our artists are trained by me. They are required to take my training course offered at the Texas Laser Institute. When choosing your microblading artist, be sure to ask them where they have received their training to be sure that it is legit. It’s important to know that your artist has had proper training and knows all health code laws.

2.Ask to See Their Portfolio

It’s so so important that you have the ability to see the artist’s previous work. Never ever go into an appointment blindly. Most eyebrow tattoo in dallas artists and microblading artists will have different means of social media with their pictures of before and afters of their clients. You want to look for clean, crisp lines that have a nice curve to each stroke. Straight lines are unnatural.

Now here’s the tricky thing…some artists out there will use other people’s photos to advertise themselves. Beware of these tricksters. Look for a watermark on the picture with their business or personal name on it and check to see if the photo pops up on google on other people’s pages. For example, type in the google search bar “eyebrow tattoo in Dallas” or “microblading in Dallas” and click on images. If you see your artist’s photos on there and they are NOT linked to your artist, it is likely that they stole them from someone else.

3.Check Their Reviews

Another way to check the credibility of an artist is to look at their reviews. Reviews can be found on google, facebook page, yelp page, and several other web locations depending on where the microblading artist has their business listed. Read through the good and bad reviews and be mindful of reviews from people that just can’t be pleased. If an artist has 1 bad review out of 50, then it’s pretty safe to say that they are probably good at what they do.

4. Test Their Knowledge

Ask your microblading artist questions. This will test their knowledge and give you ease of mind on whether or not they would be a good fit to do your brows.

Good questions to ask:

  • Where did you get your training?
  • How long have you been doing brows? (although not as important, it’s still good to know whether or not they have experience)
  • Do the pigments you use contain any metals? (The artist should know this answer. And it should be NO. Quality pigments do not contain heavy metals)
  • How do you choose the shape? (it should be a mix of what the client desires as well as what is symmetrically correct. They should have either a golden means tool or a caliper to use for measuring your brows)

microblading in dallas5. The Price of an Eyebrow Tattoo in Dallas and Microblading in Dallas

There are microblading artists that charge $100 for the procedure, and there are artists that charge $1,500 for the same procedure. I’m sure you are wondering what makes one more expensive than the other. Here are a few reasons why some locations and artists may charge more than others. This will help you to understand why you would want to stay away from cheap artists.


If their salon is in a more high end location, they most likely will charge a high end price. This doesn’t always mean that they are more skilled. Dallas artists tend to be higher than Fort Worth artists due to location.

Years in the Business

The longer an artist has been in business is often related to the price they charge. More years of experience usually means more knowledge, skill, and better results. They have the ability to charge more for these reasons. Just like going to a reputable tattoo artist, you will want to choose a microblading artist with experience.


When a microblading artist becomes more popular, they become harder and harder to schedule with because they book up fast. This is often the point that artists hit where they bump their prices up due to demand. Although it’s unfortunate to pay a premium, it’s likely you won’t regret it if you choose an artist in demand. They are probably great at what they do. You just have to be willing to wait.

Products Used

If the microblading artist is using high quality pigments, tools, microblades, etc., then it is likely that they charge more for their services. It is not cheap to buy all supplies needed for this procedure. Paying more for microblading may mean better retention and quality.

dallas microblading, microblading in dallasLicensing

There are people out there charging super low prices for microblading because they are doing it illegally. The building that the procedure is performed in has to have a tattoo license on it, which costs $1,000 (although it is technically not an eyebrow tattoo in dallas and fort worth; it still falls under this type of licensing). The blades used must have an expiration date on the packaging according to the health department. If they’re ordering their products from china, it is unlikely that they have the expiration dates on the packaging. Because of the expenses that go into getting proper licensing, salon fees and other fees, the artist will charge for their services accordingly.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a little more of an understading of what goes into microblading and how to choose your microblading artist; you will feel 100% more at peace when in the procedure room. You should feel completely relaxed and at ease in your appointment.

As a reminder, all of our artists here at DFW Microblading are professionally trained by me, Rebecca Shelton, and are required to prove their work before being able to charge at my salon. We use only high quality pigments and tools and work under a mini salon license as well as a tattoo license. Everything we use is sterilized twice and the facility is kept very clean. We pride ourselves in our work and love every minute of it! If you choose to use one of my artists at DFW Microblading, you will leave with beautiful brows and 100% satisfaction.

-Rebecca Shelton (owner and instructor for DFW Microblading)

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