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Microblading in Ft Worth – Meet the Owner of DFW Microblading

We have asked Rebecca Shelton, owner and instructor of DFW Microblading, to share her heart with us and answer some questions about her business. If you haven’t already fallen in love with microblading itself or the trendy eyebrows in Ft Worth, then this blog may have you falling in love with one of the leading voices behind it!

dallas microblading, microblading in dallasHow Did You First Get Into Doing Eyebrows in Ft Worth?

 I learned about microblading 3 1/2 years ago and quickly found an artist to do my brows. I loved them so much that I wanted to learn how to microblade and make it a career. My first training was about 3 years ago. At this point, microblading in Texas was still very new and the training was, to say the least, lacking. My first class had 3 students and was 8 hours long. This included each of us having a model to work on. I’m sure you’re thinking exactly what I was thinking at that time. “Is this it? I’m supposed to go cut into someone’s face after this?” I walked away with more questions than I had knowledge and a desire for more and better training which led to a deep desire to write a curriculum that included every detail of knowledge I could gather.

Since then, I have finished my curriculum and teach as well as microblade at our Ft Worth Location. It took me two years of gathering and compiling knowledge and inspiration as well as thousands of dollars of schooling with many instructors to come up with a full curriculum that details every aspect of Microblading. Eyebrows in Ft Worth and Dallas are ever changing and so is microblading. As I find new products and techniques to try, I stay on top of making sure that this curriculum is up to date and give you, the student, all of the tools you could possibly need to be a successful microblading artist.

How Long Have you Been in Business?

I have owned DFW Microblading since January of 2016 when I opened my first location in Ft Worth, Texas. Within a year, I opened a second location in Dallas and also in California as I have close ties to Southern California.

Where do you Instruct?

Not only do I use my curriculum for one-on-one student training; I’m also an instructor at the Texas Laser Institute. I hold classes at their Dallas location as well as their Houston location. I am registered with TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) as an instructor and continue to gain knowledge on a daily basis to ensure that all of my students receive the highest quality of microblading education I can possibly provide. Eyebrows in Ft Worth and Dallas are constantly changing due to trends and it’s important to stay relevant.

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What is a Valuable Lesson that You’ve Learned Along the Way?

Since I began this journey, I have been a very busy lady. When we changed locations for eyebrows in Ft Worth to a larger location that could have multiple beds and support the higher demand, I learned a few valuable lessons. By having the larger space, we lost the one-on-one relaxing environment that we once had. Instead, we had a group setting that was high energy and a bit stressful. I made a decision to move into a smaller setting that allowed that one-on-one interaction with the artist and the client. Because of this change, we were unable to book as many appointments in one day, but the response to this decision has been what my dream was to begin with.

What are Some of Your Core Values?

I value people over anything else. I’m known to be generous and giving, even if it’s just with my time. Some other core values I have:

  • Individualizing. Making sure each client/student feels special and attended to.
  • Being Affordable. I do my best to keep costs low so that more people are able to get the procedure done and have the ability to feel confident and beautiful.
  • Quality. We value quality work and we only use quality products.

What is the Student/Teacher Interaction Like?

I feel the same way with my students as I feel about my clients. I want them to feel like they have knowledge of all products out there and the differences in them. I want them to know several techniques and find the one that works for them. I make sure each of them feel as if they are supported in every aspect of their journey from now on, not just in the three day course. I want them to learn how to correctly treat each client to make them feel as special as they deserve. When they go out to do eyebrows in Ft Worth, or wherever they will further their career, I want them to succeed!

I’m known to be a little hard on my students. My goal is to challenge them to think independently and problem solve. Every student is unique and learns at a different pace. One may pick it up quickly where another may take more time and I want to walk through each step at a pace that each student gains. For some students, I may send them home with homework on a specific technique and ask them to work at it until they gain confidence.

How are the Microblading Classes Set Up?

Just like owning my business, I could easily get caught up in the demand for good instruction. I could increase each class size if I desire to, but I’d rather keep it more intimate. I prefer to keep the ratio at 4 students per instructor to give each student the one-on-one attention they need and deserve. I also have a mentoring program within my business that I take on one student at a time and work with that student over the course of 3-4 weeks. We will meet several times and I will critique their homework online and assist them in practicing on volunteers. We will practice eyebrows in Ft Worth at my microblading location. This is a great way for future microblading artists to learn at their own pace and be successful at their new craft.

Any Last Thoughts?

Eyebrows in Ft Worth are a forever changing trend as is the microblading industry. It is still evolving. As with anything else, microblading will continue to grow as the people learn about it. My passion is to see more professional artists that know what they are doing out there and let the general public know the difference between good and bad microblading work. It’s my passion to provide amazing quality instruction for students and not get caught up in the quantity of students. I’d rather have 500 well trained microblading artists out there than 3,000 students just for bragging rights. I think all of our students can attest to that.

I do what I love and I love what I do. It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of something bigger than me; something that I truly enjoy and look forward to doing everyday. My hope is to share this joy with others and instill excellence in every student and employee I have!

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