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Stop trying to look for “Microblading Company Near Me” and head on over to DFW Microblading, a professional microblading company in Dallas, Fort Worth, AND Murrieta, California. We specialize in this specific area. We have well trained artists who have learned from the best. The owner of DFW Microblading is also an instructor at the Texas Laser Institute.

The after care is extremely important to the end results of your microbladed brows. They say that it can make up to 70% of how well your eyebrows heal and retain the pigment. That’s more than half, folks! Here at DFW Microblading, we recognize that post care is not a “one size fits all.” There are many factors to how you will properly take care of your brows depending on your skin type, age and lifestyle (for example; if you are a smoker, you will most likely heal alot slower so you will have to follow the after care procedures for extra time).

The First Week AFTER Getting Microbladed

The week following the microblading procedure is a very important week. For most people, the majority of the stages of healing will happen within this first week. Directly after the procedure, your microblading artist at DFW Microblading will apply a gel on your brows. This gel is to remain on your eyebrows for the recommended time that was given to you. For most clients, we recommend that they leave the gel on for 2 days untouched. If you have oily skin, we will advise you to pat them dry with a cotton round a couple times a day within those two days to keep from the lymph fluid building up. If the lymph fluid (clear liquid that seeps from brows as a means of creating a barrier/scab over the affected area) builds up and becomes too thick of a scab, it may take the pigment out of the lines.

Microblading Company Near Me

After the initial 2 days post procedure, you will begin applying aquaphor to your brows to keep a thin barrier over the microbladed lines as they heal. It is important that your brows remain clean and dry throughout it’s healing. You don’t want to risk infection. To clean your brows, you will simply rinse them gently with water either by splashing the water on them or dabbing them with a wet cotton round. Once cleaned, pat them dry and apply a thin layer of aquaphor. If your eyebrows look shiny, you have put too much aquaphor on your brows.

During this first week of healing, you will not apply anything other than aquaphor to your brows. No soaps will be used or makeup to be applied to the area. Showering is, ofcourse, totally fine but you will want to be mindful when washing your face and hair. You want to avoid getting any of it in your eyebrows as it could cause agitation.

microblading company near meWhat To Avoid During Healing

There are several things that you will want to keep away from while your brows are still fresh. Keep in mind that you have an open wound on your face. Just like a tattoo, you will want to be super gentle with the microbladed area.

  • No Rubbing, Scrubbing or Scratching
  • Do Not Apply Makeup to Brows
  • No Soaps When Cleaning Your Eyebrows…Just Water
  • Keep From Touching Your Brows
  • Avoid Sun Exposure For Atleast 2 Weeks (wear a hat if outside for long periods of time)
  • Stay Away From Sweat Causing Activities Such as Sports, Excessive Workouts or Saunas
  • No submerging underwater such as in a swimming pool

microblading company near me, southlake microbladingEnjoy Your New Microbladed Eyebrows!

With proper after care, your brows should only need a minor touch up once they’re healed. Touch ups usually take around an hour. Your microblading artist will go over any lines that healed too lightly or did not retain the pigment. A very small percentage of clients require a third touch up. Usually it is those with oily skin.

Microblading Company Near Me

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FREE $50 VOUCHER For All First Time Microblading Clients

Join our mailing list to receive a $50 voucher for your first microblading appointment with us & to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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