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Some clients have such amazing results and stories that we just can’t help but share them. Here at DFW Microblading, we are so passionate about what we do and love the confidence boost it gives our clients. Here is a story of one of my favorite clients and the amazing transformation microblading did for her eyebrows.

From Nothing To Something

Dawn had googled Dallas Microblading and found DFW Microblading at the top of the results. After looking at all of our amazing reviews, she picked us for the task of giving her eyebrows a makeover! Most clients are a little nervous at first and do tons of research on finding the best microblading artists out there to be sure that they will get the best results. We stand proudly behind our work and once you’re in our office, you will feel at ease, as do all of our clients when they walk in and see that we are professional, clean, and do a darn good job at brows!

Unlike most clients, Dawn was nothing but excited to get her brows done. With naturally blonde hair growing up, her brows were always light and thin. When she heard about microblading and saw the amazing results that came from it, she was sold!

Here is Dawn with no makeup on and before microblading.





The Dallas Microblading Process

When it came to drawing the shape on, Dawn trusted me 100% to give her the perfect shape for her face. I love it when clients give me free reign to do their brows. It makes the process even easier. After drawing on a shape that was symmetrical and framed her eyes beautifully, she agreed to it and we got started!

Everyone has a different pain tolerance and rates the pain of microblading differently. For most people, they will rate it between 4 and 6 out of 10 at the most uncomfortable parts of the procedure. Dawn was quite the trooper and I almost did the whole procedure without any numbing.

The Beautiful Outcome

Dawn was extremely delighted to have chosen DFW Microblading out of all of the Dallas Microblading companies. She was so patient with the whole process and was such an easy client. When we were all done, I handed her the mirror to see her new, beautifully shaped brows. Dawn was super impressed with the results and how perfect her brows looked. I was pretty impressed with them myself! They turned out so amazing!


dfw microbladingHere is the after photo of Dawn’s freshly microbladed eyebrows. Don’t you think she looks 10 years younger?! So amazing.


It is truly so incredible what this procedure can do to transform the face. Eyebrows are one of the focal points that structure the face. When your brows are “on fleek”; it changes everything! I love being able to work on clients that have little to no eyebrow hair because the results are so stunning and great! It takes great artistry and skill to create natural looking microbladed brows and I have undergone some of the best training through DFW Microblading’s owner and instructor, Becky Shelton.

Be on the lookout for more client stories!

Stay fabulous! -Angela Teixeira (master microblading artist at DFW Microblading)

dfw microblading dallas microblading microblading near memicroblading near me

Picture after healed and before the touch up:

dallas microblading

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