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There are SOOOO many wonderful benefits of microblading! Before getting into all the lovely perks of flawless brows, I just wanted to give a quick introduction to the procedure for those who are unaware. Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure performed with a hand tool that has a tiny microblade attached to one end that creates fine, hair-like strokes. These strokes fade over the course of 18-24 months. It is not the same as eyebrow tattoo fort worth. We use pigment instead of ink. It is more natural and does not go as deep as a tattoo. Read our blog about microblading vs tattooing here.

Now that you know what it is, let’s talk about the 5 benefits of microblading your eyebrows and why you’ll never go back to the pencils and pomades!

Everyday Flawless!


eyebrow tattoo fort wortheyebrow tattoo fort worth

The first and most obvious benefit of this wonderful thing called microblading is the awesome feeling of having perfect brows, all day everyday! You will no longer have to wake up every morning and draw or fill them in. It is natural looking and perfect for everyday beauty. And when you feel like glamming it up on a Friday night, you have the perfect outline to easily fill in to make them more bold for a darker makeup look. There’s no guessing! Just perfection!

I think that the majority of the population can agree that the less effort we have to put into feeling beautiful, the better. Imagine waking up with perfect brows that make you appear to have put yourself together, when in truth, you just woke up like that! Effortless beauty. And let’s face it; your eyebrows are the umbrellas of the eyes, which are one of the first things people notice on others. You want your brows to properly frame your beautiful eyes so that they STAND OUT.

Water Related Activities? Psh…Doesn’t Scare Me!

Once you were afraid to take a dip in the pool because of the fear of coming back up with your brow makeup smudged and the patchiness underneath revealed. Girl, I get it. We’ve all been there. Us women tend to hang out by the edge and never fully enjoy pool days. If it’s an insecurity for you like it was for me, then activities like swimming, saunas, steam rooms, water parks, etc… They were all intimidating.

With microblading, your eyebrows ain’t going anywhere! Enjoy the finer things in life. Enjoy the feeling of getting that scratch on your brow and knowing that they’ll still look good.

Don’t Sweat it. And if you do; No Worries!

That’s right. Sign up for that 5k you’ve been interested in. When you get to that finish line and they take your picture; you may be sweaty and tired, but your brows will still be on point! No more sweating your brow makeup off!

I used to hate going to the gym without any makeup on, but the idea of putting makeup on to go workout was silly to me. I would hop up on the stair-master with my head down,  hoping that I wouldn’t see anyone I knew. My eyebrows were nearly non-existent. Now that I have beautifully microbladed brows, I’ve got my head held eye for all the gym world to see. Brows on point. Face on point. Try to stop me.

Compliments for Days

There’s something so good about receiving a compliment from a stranger. And from friends and family? Oh my… the feeling is so amazing! With your new and beautiful brows, you will be surprised at how many people will notice and compliment them. When I first got mine done, I had to go grocery shopping afterward and I’m telling you… Every few minutes, I would have someone come up to me and tell me how amazing they looked. You should have seen me strutting down the aisles like I was Kim Kardashian.

No more hiding in the crowd and struggling to be noticed by that cute guy you’ve been eyeing. He will for sure be eyeing you too. Alot of guys notice when a girl’s brows are on point. It truly is a focal point on the face.

eyebrow tattoo fort worth
Confidence Booster

After reading everything I’ve already said above, I’m sure you can see how much confidence microblading can bring you. That shy, insecure girl will begin to climb out of her shell and show the world who she really is; a beautiful, flawless queen that can conquer the world! Although it is similar to eyebrow tattoo fort worth; it is not bold and unnatural looking like a tattoo would be. You will have natural looking brows that can turn heads.

Are you ready to wake up flawless every single morning, knowing that your brows are on fleek?! Microblading has changed my life and I hope it changes yours. Come see us here at DFW Microblading and let us give your face a whole new meaning to youthfulness!

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FREE $50 VOUCHER For All First Time Microblading Clients

Join our mailing list to receive a $50 voucher for your first microblading appointment with us & to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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