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Microblading in Dallas is becoming a hot trend! We also see it trickling into Ft Worth and surrounding areas. Maybe you’ve seen pictures of people who have gotten it done. Or even friends who have decided to get microblading done. If you know someone who has done the procedure, they may explain to you the shock of their new brows and the post-procedure phases that the brows under went. What alot of people are unaware of is the stages your brows will go through AFTER the procedure. In this blog, I would like to explain in more detail what to expect after getting your brows done by DFW Microblading.

Day 1 of Freshly Microbladed Brows

Oh my goodness! You finally did it! You got your brows done and they look AMAZING! For some people, the initial shock of such perfect brows after years of having nothing is overwhelming. Others are ecstatic to never have to fill them in again! Now that microblading in Dallas is a big hit, it’s more common to see others with the procedure done. But even at that, your new look can make you feel self conscious for the first day. They’re bold. They’re new. And you’re just getting used to them. Before you leave one of our offices, whether microblading in dallas, microblading in fort worth or microblading in Murrieta, you will be given post-care instructions. You have GOT to remember how important the after care is. It makes up about 70% of how your brows will heal. That’s alot, folks. Take care of those puppies.

Your tech will first determine your skin type. If you are oily, you will need to rinse your brows more often due to the oil excess. If you have dry skin, you won’t have to clean them as often. The microblading tech will give you a product to use on your brows for the next 2 weeks. It is SO important that you use only what the technician gives you and no other products. The main thing to remember while your brows are healing is: Keep them dry. Keep them clean. Scrubbing, rubbing, and rough cleaning will agitate your skin and cause the lines to heal incorrectly. Be nice and gentle to your new friends and be sure to pay attention to your microblading tech’s specific instructions. For before/after pictures of brows that we have done here at DFW Microblading, check out our facebook page.

Day 2-4 of Microblading in Dallas Brows

So now its been a couple days and you’re in freak out mode. They. Got. Darker! “But, how?! This isn’t the right color! I’m gonna look ridiculous! They’re too dark!”

No matter how many times we tell our clients about the stages of healing, they will still call concerned about how dark their brows are after day 2. “Everyone is doing microblading in Dallas and their brows look perfect. Why are mine so dark and bold?! I thought it was going to look natural??”

As your brows begin to heal, they will first get a little darker. Sometimes, they may even look a little red. Everyone who gets the procedure done has gone through this. The skin begins to heal itself and attempt to create scabs, pulling a tiny bit of the pigment out with it.  This is why when we explain our color choice to our clients, we remind them that the brows heal at about 40% lighter than the color that is originally implanted. Rest assured; the “dark days” are but a few. As the scabs begin to flake off, the darkness goes away.

Day 5-7 of Post-Procedure Brows

So, most likely, you have already called your tech and they calmed you down about the boldness of color that you were experiencing. But then, a new phase of healing has begun and you’re concerned again. Now, your brows are beginning to look flaky and the color is uneven. Some spots are still dark, but then where the flaking occurred, it looks lighter. You begin to think that your microbladed brows are falling off!

microblading in dallas, fort worth microbladingFlaking is completely normal and happens with the majority of clients. When the brows start flaking and the scabs start falling off, leave them be. The best thing to do is let it happen naturally and to not pick off the scabs. Picking the scabs off can cause loss of pigment and a red hue is left behind where the crisp stroke used to be. This flaky phase usually takes between 3-4 days.

Day 8-10 of Microbladed Brows

Your brows are finally not flaking much anymore! “But, wait. Where are my brows?!” You think they have flaked off completely and you have wasted your money on microblading in Dallas because all the work they did on your eyebrows are now gone.

Again, this is part of the process. Once the scabs have fallen off; what is left behind is a very light version of the pigmented strokes that were originally done. Rest assured, it will not remain like this. You did not go through all of these stages and 2-3 hours of a procedure for nothing. At this point of healing, your brows are beginning to heal internally instead of externally (flaking, scabbing, etc.). As it heals from the inside out, the pigment often hides underneath the epidermal layer of skin. But after a few days, the color will resurface.

Day 14-28 of Microblading in Fort Worth Post Procedure

Now that the eyebrows are nearly completely healed, the client is then happy again and loving the color that it has settled to. At this point, you may notice areas of the brows that look more spotty or have had a loss of pigment. With this procedure being manual, the depth and pressure used may have varied slightly with each stroke. If the tech used less pressure than necessary, then the line was likely to have healed lighter.

Skin type plays a role in the after-care. If the skin is oily, it will work double time to try and push out the pigment with it’s overly produced oils. With attentive care and more frequent rinsing of the brows, this can be avoided. Occasionally, there will still be lines that don’t heal correctly. That is why we strongly suggest and require the complimentary touch up. Microblading in Dallas is a two step process.

“Microblading in Dallas is a two step process.”

Day 42 After the Touch Up Appointment

Congratulations to the clients who have made it to the final step; the touch up appointment! You have gone through all of the stages of healing and are now totally in love with your brows! Your microblading tech will touch up your brows and re-implant the pigment in the areas that did not take the first time. You will then have perfect brows again and be so happy with them!

microblading in dallas, dallas microbladingNow that you have gone through the process, you have no more fear and are excited about your new eyebrows. You can start focussing on all of the great things about having microblading in Dallas and Fort Worth done! Going swimming? No worries for you, my dear. Your brows aren’t going anywhere! Working out? You’re not sweating it. And even if you are, your brows remain perfectly in place. Welcome to the world of brows on fleek, 24/7. You now have fabulous eyebrows for the next year to two years.

I hope this blog was able to give you an understanding of proper expectations while your brows heal. Once the 2 weeks of healing is over, you will fall more and more in love with your brows. Remember, every person is a little different. Some experience scabbing but some do not. Some get really dark and others do not notice the darkness. There are some people that heal within 1 week and some take the full 2-3 weeks. What remains the same across the board is the beautiful results of microblading in Dallas. You won’t regret getting the procedure done and all these short phases that your brows go through will be forgotten.




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