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Curious about Microblading?

Microblading Eyebrows are a new makeup solution for women interested in thinning eyebrows. During the procedure, a fine blade will be utilized to deposit color pigment right through the skin’s upper layers. Thus, the strokes will appear just crisp and fine. As a result, this will blend in perfectly and beautifully. Due to Microblading being considered as a semi-permanent solution of makeup, it’s suggested to go through a periodic touch-up.
With Microblading Eyebrows, time will no longer be an issue. You will no need to wander through stores just to search for the best color that will match your eyebrows. Eyebrow Extensions like these are really a great time-saver and a permanent makeup solution. Microblading Eyebrows can be done  from a trusted Microblading Dallas store that is committed to providing this service. DFW Microblading Brows & Lashes specializes in eyelash extensions and Microblading eyebrows. Even though this is new to Dallas, it has attracted the attention of a lot of people.

Microblading Eyebrows Procedure…

Technicians from the company create better and finer hair strokes that impressively look just like a natural eyebrow hair. Instead of turning to the conventional way of beautifying and emphasizing eyebrows, Microblading is a much better option. This is a more advanced, and beautiful option to consider among other beauty alternatives due to the impressive results it offer to your appearance.

In this semi-permanent procedure carried out by DFW Microblading, a topical anesthetic will usually be required and topped up to the eyebrows. This is done to be able to make it a comfortable and convenient procedure. As the pigment is deposited next to the surface, crisp and fine hair strokes will be left with no more bleeding or spilling of ink below the skin. Through the team’s effort of tattooing your eyebrow, you could just be guaranteed of the promising results after.
Although, microblading is expected to last between eighteen to thirty-six months, you will have time to save money from the touch up. No longer are eyebrow pencils needed! A tip to make your eyebrows last longer is to make use of a sunscreen. This is the only way to keep the color longer as the sun fades the pigment.

Eyelash Extensions…

Apart from microblading, DFW Microblading Brows & Lashes offer its eyelash extensions that can enhance the fullness, thickness and length of the natural eyelashes. These beautiful eyelash extensions consist of mink, silk and synthetic hair. With the shedding cycle and natural growth, all that you need to do to maintain the eyelashes is to refill them on a monthly basis.

You’re able to choose from the selection of eyelash extensions in different colors, thicknesses and lengths. Choose from glamorous, dramatic and natural-looking eyelash extensions that could meet your satisfaction. Achieve the look of having mascara on without those make-up smudges and messy clumps. Eyelash extensions are like microblading eyebrows that are waterproof.

With the team’s patience and professionalism, you could not help it but be impressed of the procedure that could give back your confidence and self-esteem that you need!

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FREE $50 VOUCHER For All First Time Microblading Clients

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