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Eyebrows are more important than we think. For years now, we have been using pencils, tattooing, and/or brow gel to change the way our eyebrows look. While all these methods deliver the desired effect, you need a solution that lasts a little bit longer and delivers a more realistic look, which are microblading eyebrows and eyebrow extensions.

What is Microblading?

Despite existing in Europe for a while now, microblading eyebrows has recently been gaining traction in Dallas and Fort Worth. Microblading involves a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that involves the usage of a handheld device that makes use of disposable micro-blades.

Microblading Procedure

These disposable micro blades make small incisions on the skin’s superficial dermis where a pigment is deposited into the incisions. These incisions are drawn one by one so as to achieve a realistic hair look. The microblading eyebrows procedure is semi-permanent; however, the results could last up to three years.

Prior to the microblading procedure, a topical anesthetic is on the eyebrow area. This is done to reduce discomfort and irritation during the microblading process, which usually takes up to two hours. The process is split into two stages. The initial microblading stage involves drawing of the general shape of the eyebrows using a styling pencil.

This stage is usually the longest part of the procedure since our stylists pay close attention to detail. It is also during this stage that the stylists choose a shape for your eyebrows. The second stage is when the microblading eyebrows really begins.

The beauty about microblading is that the results are immediate. Caution is, however, to be taken since the recovery period is about a month. Our microblading experts recommend that customers who undergo this procedure should come back a month post-procedure for a checkup. The checkup could include a touch-up if the stylists deem it necessary.

It is also recommended that you avoid direct exposure of the eyebrows with the sun or during tanning. To do this, always apply sunscreen since direct exposure to the sun will case the pigment to fade.

Eyebrow Extensions

This is a practice that involves lengthening of the eyebrows as well as increasing thickness and fullness. Cleaning and exfoliation of the eyebrows is done before the eyebrow extensions are either glued directly on the skin or glued on to the eyebrows. The results of eyebrow extensions are different. Extensions glued directly on the skin will last longer, between 2-3 weeks, while extensions glued on the eyebrows lasts about 7 days.

Our amazing microblading reviews are a true testament of our highly effective microblading eyebrows and eyebrow extensions expertise. Check out for more information.

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