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The Mission behind DFW microblading…

True to our mission statement, we are proud to say that we offer microblading services to our clients. This is a trend that has swept over the entire world. Women all over are praising the amazing results thereof. It is a method to create beautiful, fuller-looking eyebrows with precision and skill.

The wrong microblader can ruin your entire brow area, but luckily our reviews have shown that we offer the best microblading in Dallas and the best microblading in Fort Worth. By making us your microblading partner, you will see immediate changes and lasting results.

We believe that every person has the right to look at their best. This is why we love performing our microblading services. Our clients always walk out of our rooms feeling amazing and ready to tackle the day.

Our staff is trained to perform microblading to perfection, and we will not rest until you are 100% satisfied with your gorgeous new brows. We keep up with the latest trends and developments in cosmetology and beauty so that we can give our clients the very best treatment.

If you haven’t heard of microblading or if you are unsure whether you should come in for a session, here is some information about what we do that might make you feel more at ease!

What is microblading?

Many people who have heard of microblading are weary because they believe it to be the same as tattooing. This is not the truth. This procedure is not as intense and it is definitely not as permanent. But, yet it does last quite a long time and you will be sporting beautiful, full brows in the perfect shape you want it. This procedure involves a specialised microblading tool where the pen strokes are drawn onto the eyebrow. It is basically like drawing your eyebrows on, but it does not wash off.

This process requires meticulous skill and precision which is why it takes about 2 hours to complete. During the first hour we draw the shape that you want in removable pencil. This is the most important part. After that the process becomes simpler and you will be ready to rock that selfie as soon as you walk out our doors. There is no downtime and you can strut your new brows immediately after your appointment.

The best part of this is that it requires no maintenance. Unlike brow extensions, microblading remains semi-permanent for about 3 years. Although, we do recommend that you come in for a touch up every month, like you would with extensions. But, other than that you are covered! You can swim, rub them, and sleep without them ever smudging or disappearing. After about 3 years, they will start to fade and you will have to come in for a new set.
If you would like to hear about more or make an appointment, you can do so by contacting us. One of our friendly beauticians will help you with whatever you need!

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FREE $50 VOUCHER For All First Time Microblading Clients

Join our mailing list to receive a $50 voucher for your first microblading appointment with us & to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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